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A Labor Day message from Business Manager Jim Meyer
Updated On: Sep 01, 2023

Happy Labor Day!

As we celebrate the contributions and struggles of workers, let's also acknowledge the power that workers hold in the modern economy. In the midst of an ongoing worker shortage, many employers are struggling to find and retain the talent they need to run their businesses.

This puts workers in a position of power, as they have more leverage to negotiate better working conditions, higher wages, and more benefits. As a result, many workers are demanding more from their employers and refusing to settle for less.

The pandemic has caused many workers to reevaluate their careers and prioritize what's important to them. As a result, many workers are seeking jobs with better work-life balance, more flexible schedules, and opportunities for remote work. They are also demanding better pay to compensate for rising costs of living and inflation.

In light of the current worker shortage, employers must recognize the power that workers hold and work to meet their needs. This means investing in worker retention, providing competitive compensation and benefits, and creating a positive and supportive work environment. By doing so, employers can attract and retain the talent they need to grow and succeed in this new age of work.

Some of our employers understand this is a new era for workers and have worked with us to address these issues. Some unfortunately do not and still think that 2019 wages will pass in 2023! Hopefully they come to their senses and work with us to make them more desirable workplaces.

On Labor Day, let's celebrate the power of workers to influence the modern workplace. Let's stand in solidarity with workers who are fighting for better working conditions and a brighter future for all.

I hope to see all of you at Laborfest for the parade and look forward to celebrating this historic time for workers!

In Solidarity,

Jim Meyer

Business Manager

IBEW Local 2150

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